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How To Give A Distinct and Unique Ringtone To Your Cell Phone Callers

Today’s cell phones are indeed an electronic marvel. No doubt, it is amazing that so much complex electronic circuitry can be put inside of this small battery-powered box that can fit in your shirt pocket or be clipped onto your belt. With all this new gadgets and electronic wizardry, you should take the time to utilize it to its fullest extent, and with ringtones available for almost all cell phones these days, this is just one more opportunity for you to customize your cell phone so that it is different from everybody else’s.

Allow your cell phone to project your unique personality and how you really feel by using ringtones. You can load as many ringtones onto your phone as its memory will allow, and many cell phones today allow you add an almost unlimited number of ringtones by storing them on a mini-SD memory card that fits into your phone. All of these mini-SD cards are available readily at stores like Best Buy or Circuit City, where for example a 2 GB mini-SD card is under $50 and can store about 400 different ringtones.

Your creativity is indeed your only limit when setting up a ringtone on your cell phone. You can specify a particular ringtone when your phone identifies a particular caller, based on their caller ID. As some examples of the fun you can have with this, you can set up your cell phone so that it plays “Takin’ Care Of Business” when your boss calls you. Every time your jolly and funny co-worker is calling you, your cell phone rings with the theme song from Looney Tunes. When your ex-husband or wife or ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is calling, your cell phone will identify the caller by playing “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” or Elton John’s chorus from “The Bitch Is Back”. When your son calls from college, your cell phone would identify that call by playing the song “Money”, since that’s typically why he’s calling, right?

Besides putting or setting up your personalized cell phone for your specific personality and identity, the added benefit is that you know who is calling just by the ringtone without even looking at your phone.

The number and type of variations that you can come up with are limited only by your imagination. If someone calls where the caller ID has been blocked, you can even setup a specific ringtone for that situation. You can also come up with distinct ringtones that play to indicate that you have received a text message or a voice mail.

You can also download voice clips or sounds to be used as a ringtone, which adds yet another dimension to your unique cell phone. For example, when your diving team buddy calls, your cell phone can plays the submarine alert for “Dive! Dive!” to indicate he is calling. When you have a voice message waiting, your cell phone can play the audio clip from the movie of the same name, saying “You Have Mail”.

The variations and possibilities are endless. Take some time to study on how to download ringtones onto your cell phone, and then take the time to setup different ringtones for anybody who calls you on a regular basis. You will be able to tell who is calling you without even lifting your cell phone to look at the screen, and this gives you and your cell phone a distinct personality.


Windows Phone 7 Now Available

Is the Windows Phone 7 the most anticipated Windows phone to be released in the market? The Windows Phone 6.5 has captivated the market with its state of the art gaming, email, chat and overall experience. Windows steps up the game with this new version promising more gaming experience, more customizations. It also makes you decorate your phone by pinning people, apps, playlists, pictures, to Start so that you can access them with just one click. The Windows 7 phone is now available Through AT&T, Dell, and TMobile. The Windows Phone 7 gives more device management and productivity for business people. With the holiday season, AT&T and TMobile offers a Buy 1 Get 1 promo which started last November 26. Windows Phone 7 is carried by Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, HTC Surround, HTC HD7and Dell Venue Pro. The price will be determined by the service provider you will choose to carry your plan.

Let us get to know some basic feedback on the Phone:

“Windows Phone 7 gives me what I need in my business life and what I want in my personal life—it’s a one-stop device.”

“One thing I find very exciting and challenging is keeping everybody connected. The most important way that our attorneys maintain contact with their clients is email. With Windows Phone 7, it’s as easy and as seamless as using Outlook on our PCs.”

“At E.ON, one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies, we foundeasier to be an understatement with Windows Phone 7. With the right back end, access to SharePoint is a breeze. And it would certainly draw people in to using SharePoint more when access to documents is that easy from a phone. Windows Phone 7 could be to SharePoint what iPod was to iTunes.”
— Gary Cooper, IT Change and Analysis

“GEICO is an innovator in the insurance industry and we see early adopters of Windows Phone 7 as a valuable segment of potential customers to reach through the GloveBox application. The unique panorama UI helps differentiate our application and gives us the brand presence and ease of use we want.”
— David Weaver, Manager, GEICO Mobile

“When I am doing operations or projects budgets, I always create a draft Excel document as a starting point; having the opportunity to review them at any time, and even edit some of my numbers, puts me in a very advantageous position in meetings where having dynamic information could be the difference between going forward or not on a particular endeavor.”
— Lazaro Martinez, IT Manager

“Windows Phone 7 provides a fun and exciting user experience with many unique elements, and we were impressed with its unique user interface. For example, iFood Assistant users can browse through our recipes in different ways: vertical and through the pivot filtering. This enables quick access to other categories in a highly organized fashion. And the dynamic panorama user interface makes our food images come alive, appear fresh, which is aligned with our mission of delivering delicious inspiration.”
— Edward J. Kaczmarek III, Director of Innovation, Consumer Experiences

Windows has never failed to captivate users with the breeze of function and the user friendly platform they have been ever so famous. The Windows Platform has proven itself not just favored for business use but for personal use as well. Is there more to expect from Windows this 2011?


Survey Says: People Want Less Charges for Their Data Services

Survey conducted with regard to data charges for Verizon subscribers generally wanted data charges to be cheaper and unlimited. Verizon Communications is hinting that data charges for LTE customers will be in tier based speeds on top ot data consumption. This scenario is similar to wired Internet service providers. However, Verizon executives put a word of caution if this is to push through. They said, “”If you want to pay for less speed, you’ll pay for less speed and consume more, or you can pay for high speed and consume less,” Fran Shammo, Verizon CFO told the Wall Street Journal. They have not yet committed to any pricing strategy yet though.

Verizon has long been rumored to go to a usage-based pricing for LTE which it plans to release by December. However, they have not yet discussed the difference in data speeds as providing difference in pricing. As a holiday promotion, Verizon offers 150 MD of data usage for $15 a month for smartphone users on EVDO network. Verizon still has kept its $30 unlimited data plan.

MetroPCS  charges $55 for unlimited LTE data access. Sprint Nextel charges $60 per month for 3G/4G broadband plan.

Smartphones Black Friday Sale for 2010

Holiday shopping is just around the corner. It unofficially begins on Nov. 26–Black Friday. FierceWireless will come up with a guide to provide details on top smartphones and tablets for Tier 1 wireless carriers. In the past years, carriers and manufacturers have been pushing the sales of smartphones and tablets with their data plans. The list is not exhaustive of all the smartphones on sale this season but a quick glance at major sales on smartphones.

Here are the following carriers with their Black Friday Sale:

Verizon Wireless – Apple iPad, Motorola Droid 2, Motorola Droid Pro, Motorola Droid X, Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Continuum, Samsung GalaxyTab,

AT&T Mobile – Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPad, HTC Surround, LG Quantum, Research In Motion BlackBerry, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Focus, Samsung GalaxyTab,

Sprint Mobile – HTC Evo, LG Optimus S, Samsung Epic, Samsung GalaxyTab, Samsung Transform, Sanyo Zio,

T-Mobile – HTC HD7, myTouch 4G, Samsung GalaxyTab, Samsung Vibrant, T-Mobile Comet (Huawei Ideos), T-Mobile G2


Smartphones Sales Projected to Rise Upto 700% by 2015

A research firm, Informa Telecoms and Media, said that smartphones are projected to increase in sales in the next five years. Smartphone users generate about 13% of all mobile subscribers worldwide but research says this will drastically change within 5 years.

The research team estimated that ATPU per smartphone now averages 85MB a month. The largest traffic generating device is the Apple iPhone which is followed by the Android phones. It is believed by Informa Telecoms & Media that Android units will be patronized not just by hich profile users but will be marketed to mid and low user segments.

In the US about 86% of the mobile phone users are notably using either an iPhone or a high-end Android phone. Malik Kamal-Saadi, a principal analyst at Informa Telecome and Media said that “The traffic disparity between smartphone and non-smartphone is most pronounced in North America where 86% of mobile data traffic is currently generated by smartphone users, notably those using an iPhone or high-end Android devices.” The forecasted ATPU in this region is projected to be 776MB per month by the year 2015.

Aside from the US, Western Europe is also projected to rapidly grow in their usage of smartphones to atleast 17 times by 2015 which is translated to 736MB. The growth is said to be caused by the fast migration of users to high speed mobile networks and also the flat rate plans in data usage. Because of both these reasons, the market of smartphones will be appealing not just to the high end users but to mid and low end users as well.

Believe it or not, it is not the US or Europe which is projected to have the highest number of ATPU but Korea and Japan. They are said to average 271MB a month and 199MB a month respectively not in 2015 but by the end of 2010. This data usage is already about 2 or three times higher than the global usage.

However, in some other countries the usage of data will not be as high as Europe or Japan because smartphones are used as a status symbol instead of a device for mobile data service. Within these countries, the ATPU is not expected to be as high as 43MB a month.

The iPhone is projected still to lead in this race because of the user interface experience and also because of the fact that the target market of Apple are premium users. Other smartphones will catch up because these units have been distributed all over the globe and because of the market price of the Android phones as well.

A 700% increase in ATPU is high which means good news for smartphone manufacturers. For Apple it is not going to be a breeze to stay on top because other smartphone manufacturers are up on their toes to market their units to all kinds of users. The race is on the way and the competitors are ready to answer the demand of its users. Will this projected increase be true after 5 years?


Samsung’s Rugby enters the Field

Mobile phone technology has moved forward a sizeable distance – its early days saw cumbersome handheld devices that only allowed us to take calls on the road, although such an advancement was already quite groundbreaking for its time. Nowadays, however, progress in society and technology alike has forced mobile users to move forward, and mobile phones have followed suit with numerous contact options and integrated features that allow the weakest worker to multitask like a pro all while keeping in touch with the boss and the family and other important people in his life. Entertainment features and work features alike have found a home in the modern mobile, which has emerged as a truly indispensable gadget.

Mobile phone manufacturers have run themselves ragged trying to outdo each other – and their own previous performance and releases – with each new mobile release. New feature sets, new combinations that help balance and fit budgets and market demands, and various other concerns go into consideration every time a new mobile handset enters design and production stages, and it’s tricky to come up with a balanced offering that really sells. As such, sometimes mobile manufacturers have to be creative and put together a good combination of old and new. Longtime mobile manufacturer Samsung has done this numerous times with their phones, building a series founded on consistent quality but not forsaking diversity.

As such, the Rugby II [SGH-A847] for Samsung’s AT&T users brings more of what worked best from the original Rugby, from the rugged but attractive design to its strong communication features. However, the second Rugby offers better call quality, voice dialing and a solid feature set which all serve to distinguish it from its older sibling. It’s also slightly larger at 4.01” long by 2.05” wide by 0.86” deep, but manages to be a bit lighter at 3.52 ounces. Its external display is in color, shows the basic external-display content, and can also show a recent call log but can’t serve as a viewfinder for the camera. The internal display is bigger than the original Rugby’s at 2.2 inches, and supports 262,000 colors as well. It’s bright and colorful with crisp graphics and text.

The internal feature set is similar to the original Rugby’s, with the 1000-contact phone book, AT&T Address Book, a rudimentary ringtone set, text and multimedia messaging as well as instant messaging, and Web-bases POP3 email support. The Rugby II also hasstero Bluetooth and GPS support, the latter expanded considerably by AT&T’s hookup to a range of [paid] GPS services including Loopt, Where, AT&T Family Map, TeleNav Track and others. The Rugby II also has 3G support, leading to plenty of streaming-video content and wireless song downloads through numerous services. Voice dialing and commands have also been added to the Rugby II, a considerable improvement over the previous Rugby. Another improvement is a serviceable 2.0-megapixel camera, which while lacking flash has plenty of shooting options and delivers remarkably good quality pictures. The camcorder, for its part, records good-quality 1.5-minute clips.

The Rugby II is easy to personalize with themes, wallpaper and alert tones, and additional ringtones can be downloaded in a snap through the WAP 2.0 Web browser. Plenty of other app-based features such as WikiMobile and games like the included demos for Tetris and Big Range Hunting round out the fun you’ll have on the phone. Finally, as previously mentioned, the Rugby II also sports better overall audio quality – callers no longer sound like robots, but come across smoothly and clearly.