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What to Look for in a Ringtone Website this 2014

There are so many websites for ringtone downloads. We have Thumbplay, Ringophone, Jamster, Brinked and a whole lot more sites. Ringtone websites offer either tones or tones under a subscription. Nontheless, the ringtone that we all are looking for are quality ringtones. 2013 has been a good year for ringtones and other mobile applications. I am predicting this 2014 would even be an even better year for ringtones. What we should expect is a lot of users will not just settle for ordinary monotones or even polytones. People will not even be satisfied with mp3 ringtones anymore. I’m guessing with the development in technology, people will be more open to video ringtones even. This might be the next big thing in the ringtone industry.

So, what more can we expect this year from ringtone providers? What innovations can they think of to make subscribers interested in downloading ringtones from their site? Will the video ringtone be the next big thing or will users be satisfied with the tones that they have? Remember when the SMS hit its peak, millions and millions of text messages where sent across users all over the nation, but after a while it dwindled. Will the ringtone industry provide a better reason for subscribers to keep on downloading ringtones from them?

If you will be downloading ringtones, whether or not, whether monotone, mp3 or video tone; the number one criterion is quality of the ringtone. Aside from quality I suggest you find your favorite ringtone website which has these following:

Ease of Use – it is best to browse a website if you know where you are at. If the ringtone website is easy to navigate, you would most likely find yourself going back to that site again browsing for the latest ringtones. Search categories should be done properly. Ringer types should also be categorized. Attractiveness of the site would make a website a well visited site.

Selection – You also revisit the site because of its selection. It should provide not just the oldies but the latest ringtones. If there is a top 10 panel then it’s a good site.

Cell phone compatibility – It should be compatible with almost all major phones and carriers. It should be compatible with Apple, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony Erricson, and the latest Android phones. It should also be compatible with Alltel, AT&T, Boost, Cellular One, Cellular South, Cingular, Cricket, Nextel, TMobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile and others.

Sound Quality – Of course, the download would just be deleted if the sound is not of quality. This should be the goal of all ringtone providers, give quality sounding ringtones.

Help/Support – If you are subscribing and paying for your ringtone, you should be provided with a good customer support at least.  There should be forums, blogs, chat support, phone support and FAQs section so to help you out with your ringtone.

Website developers should not just focus on the face value of the ringtone website but the quality of content. But if you put these two together, you have one hell of a ringtone website.


How To Give A Distinct and Unique Ringtone To Your Cell Phone Callers

Today’s cell phones are indeed an electronic marvel. No doubt, it is amazing that so much complex electronic circuitry can be put inside of this small battery-powered box that can fit in your shirt pocket or be clipped onto your belt. With all this new gadgets and electronic wizardry, you should take the time to utilize it to its fullest extent, and with ringtones available for almost all cell phones these days, this is just one more opportunity for you to customize your cell phone so that it is different from everybody else’s.

Allow your cell phone to project your unique personality and how you really feel by using ringtones. You can load as many ringtones onto your phone as its memory will allow, and many cell phones today allow you add an almost unlimited number of ringtones by storing them on a mini-SD memory card that fits into your phone. All of these mini-SD cards are available readily at stores like Best Buy or Circuit City, where for example a 2 GB mini-SD card is under $50 and can store about 400 different ringtones.

Your creativity is indeed your only limit when setting up a ringtone on your cell phone. You can specify a particular ringtone when your phone identifies a particular caller, based on their caller ID. As some examples of the fun you can have with this, you can set up your cell phone so that it plays “Takin’ Care Of Business” when your boss calls you. Every time your jolly and funny co-worker is calling you, your cell phone rings with the theme song from Looney Tunes. When your ex-husband or wife or ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is calling, your cell phone will identify the caller by playing “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” or Elton John’s chorus from “The Bitch Is Back”. When your son calls from college, your cell phone would identify that call by playing the song “Money”, since that’s typically why he’s calling, right?

Besides putting or setting up your personalized cell phone for your specific personality and identity, the added benefit is that you know who is calling just by the ringtone without even looking at your phone.

The number and type of variations that you can come up with are limited only by your imagination. If someone calls where the caller ID has been blocked, you can even setup a specific ringtone for that situation. You can also come up with distinct ringtones that play to indicate that you have received a text message or a voice mail.

You can also download voice clips or sounds to be used as a ringtone, which adds yet another dimension to your unique cell phone. For example, when your diving team buddy calls, your cell phone can plays the submarine alert for “Dive! Dive!” to indicate he is calling. When you have a voice message waiting, your cell phone can play the audio clip from the movie of the same name, saying “You Have Mail”.

The variations and possibilities are endless. Take some time to study on how to download ringtones onto your cell phone, and then take the time to setup different ringtones for anybody who calls you on a regular basis. You will be able to tell who is calling you without even lifting your cell phone to look at the screen, and this gives you and your cell phone a distinct personality.


Bleeping Blago On Your Mobile?

The many changes in the world of communications have shaped the way that society appreciates and uses technology. The use of mobile phones spiked quickly after they first became available to the public, due largely to the way they revolutionized how people got and kept in touch. Mobile calls were quickly joined by mobile text messaging, which made even more people pick up mobile phones for their use. Of course, with this great increase in mobile usage, people began to gravitate toward certain ways to set themselves apart from the legions of other mobile users – and as such mobile content and media rose to popularity.

Now, ringtones have generally been musical. Many will even tell you that the original intent was to spice up the heralding of calls and text messages by making the audio indicator represent a familiar song instead of the generic, banal ringing. As such, ringtones developed along musical melodic lines – monotones started the game by bringing single-tone sequences with varying pitches intended to approximate a melody, while the next step brought polytones that overlaid monotones on each other to flesh out the rest of the melody. True and real tones, then, brought things much closer to the actual song sound by ripping clips right from the song itself, complete with singing and vocals.

Vocals have been the foundation for a significant segment of this new ringtone division, as various clips and signature catchphrases from television and movies have become top-level draws for ringtones [“Bring the rain!”, “Bazinga!”  and “Suit up!” have become fairly sought-after] . Stand-up comedians and radio personalities – eminently and infinitely quotable in their own right – have provided countless users with plenty of material with which to announce their incoming calls and messages in a humorous and otherwise catchy way. One interesting new development, though, is that amid all the offerings from radio personalities and notable comedians, a former US governor’s words may be making humorous waves on mobile phones courtesy of an Illinois newspaper offering.

Springfield, Illinois newspaper the State Journal-Register is offering ringtones taken from former governor Rod Blagojevich’s memorable profanity-loaded rants. Captured by the FBI in 2008 weeks before Blagojevich’s arrest for allegedly attempting to auction off the Senate seat vacated by President Obama, Illinois’ “least favorite son” had a good handful of conversations at the time – which were recorded and now provide the impetus for bleeping mobile entertainment, even as Blagojevich faces trial for charges of corruption.

Some classics include “I (expletive) busted my (expletive) and (expletive) people off and gave your grandmother a (expletive) ride on a bus. Okay? I gave your (expletive) baby a chance to have health care,” from a conversation with then-Deputy Governor Robert Greenlee; the scathing retort “Only thirteen percent of you all out there think I’m doing a good job. So (expletive) all of you”; and the golden oldie from a conversation with former top aide Doug Scofield, “I’ve got this thing and it’s (expletive) golden. And I’m just not giving it up for (expletive) nothing.”

Somewhat ironically, another item included is “I mean, something’s really (expletive) up in my head Doug. I mean, I could be and I could end up still maybe delivering pizzas somewhere. Maybe that’s where my destiny is, right?”


Laugh Along With Your Mobile Thanks To Joe Torry

Today’s mobile consumer has become quite discriminating about the mobile experience he wishes to have. No longer content to merely have a mobile phone, he now expects his handy handset to be able to reflect the technological generation that it has been born in – particularly in terms of the features that it can show off. Modern mobiles are laden with great networking capabilities as well as outstanding multimedia features – the latter coming through most clearly in things like mobile content and media. Indeed, ringtones, videos, wallpapers and full tracks have come home to roost on mobile phones that can now play them back in high quality.

Ringtones have traditionally been musical in nature, which is one reason underlying their current popularity when it comes to marketing new albums and tracks. Starting out as monotones, which were basically MIDI-style sequences of sounds at varying pitches intended to represent or approximate an actual song melody, ringtones turned into polytones, which were essentially monotones for various parts of the melody overlaid upon each other. With the advent of real and true tones, however, ringtones became actual clips from the songs – which they were no longer representing, but were now taken directly from. Real and true tones also allowed for the use of sound effects and voice clips as ringtones, which users have eagerly embraced.

This development has logically led to a rise in a novel type of ringtone, that representing spoken word. This has brought on all sorts of spoken ringtones, usually by popular radio personalities with catchphrases that have become pop culture icons in their own right. One of the latest ones is actor-comedian Joe Torry, whose unique brand of humor has graced such films as House Party and Strictly Business. Known for his stints on Def Comedy Jam as well as many guest appearances such as on The Conan O’Brien Show, NCIS, NYPD Blue, ER, Jon Stewart, Girlfriends and earlier shows like Amen and Roc, Torry has also logged notable performances in films like both Motives movies, Sprung, Tales from the Hood, Hair Show and Poetic Justice, among others.

After years of experience, Torry has worked to find new ways of reaching out to his audience – even founding the Giving Back the Love Foundation in 1996 in order to support his hometown community of St. Louis. More recently, his production company MO has focused on giving actors, musicians and other artists a starting point for developing and showcasing their talent.  One of his most recent innovations, however, is tied to mobiles – Torry has worked with Krazy Swag/Bungalo/Universal to release a collection of “Torry Tones for your Funny Bone.” These ringtones reflect Torry’s “remixing” of his brand as he embraces a new way to reach and entertain his fans.

Torry characterizes the move as a personal one, and has remarked that he is “truly excited that I have teamed up with Krazy Swag Entertainment and their global distribution network for my first release, and I am confident that my fans will be just as excited about this new offering!”


Show some pet love with your ringtone!

Mobile content has become established as a viable commodity all its own in recent years, particularly with the expansion of the smartphone generation of mobile handsets. These phones, which have grown to be much more flexible and capable than their forebears, have similarly emerged as a strong presence in the mobile field with their increasingly swift, multifunctional and useful hardware and software features. These features, in turn, allow more types of mobile content and distribution methods to be established. It’s no surprise, then, that the mobile content market has also been growing, as one can readily find in the practically regular updates and releases of mobile content news.

Even seemingly obscure uses for mobile content are finding interest and support as mobile content users find new ways to express themselves – and, indeed, many new things about themselves to express. For instance, Peternity.com, the online leader in artisan-crafted memorials to beloved pets, has through their sister site peternalove.com launched a new offering called Pet Ringtones. Following in the tradition of producing and marketing unique products to pet owners that help them continue celebrating their bond with their pets, Peternalove.com has now begun to work with Alice Leon, an award-winning singer-songwriter, to produce custom pet ringtones based on pet personalities.

This comes off the heels of a tough economic year, whose troubled financial times didn’t keep pet owners from spending more on their pets than in any other year, resulting in an impressive $48 billion gross as of this year. Current industry trends suggest that the pet industry may continue to progress at a rate of at least 3.8% annually, and that the industry may reach $70 billion dollars worth in a decade’s time. Beyond this logical reason for providing this service, though, it must also be acknowledged that there is a reason behind pet owners’ willingness to spend on their pets – a special bond shared between master and pet that truly allows for a unique sort of moral support and companionship.

This isn’t lost on the award-winning Alice Leon, who comes onto the scene as an established and appealing personality with considerable recording, TV and film credits to her name, including writing and recording work for Crayola, Pepsi.com and Sony Records, as well as more than 60 songs for the Songs of Love foundation, organized for sick children across the US. A dog lover herself, Alice Leon works with a talented staff of musicians who between them hold many record company credits, along with credits for Broadway and off-Broadway music. Leon seemingly stumbled onto the idea when writing pet ringtones for fun – initially for her own enjoyment and later for friends. She then began to work with Peternalove.com upon noticing that the pet ringtones were a hit.

Initially Leon mentiond that she just “decided to have some fun and have my dog Lucy bark into my iPod and then write a ringtone with her barking along with her very own song,” which led to a ringtone that she herself enjoyed and that brought smiles to friends’ faces. Now the ringtones are a Peternalove.com exclusive item, available to customers who answer some specific questions to center the ringtone on their pet’s personality and select a preferred pre-recorded musical genre. They can then add a recording of the pet’s neigh, bark or meow, and Leon proceeds to write totally original lyrics for the ringtone based on the user’s entries. The ringtone is then sent to the user’s phone.