How To Give A Distinct and Unique Ringtone To Your Cell Phone Callers

Today’s cell phones are indeed an electronic marvel. No doubt, it is amazing that so much complex electronic circuitry can be put inside of this small battery-powered box that can fit in your shirt pocket or be clipped onto your belt. With all this new gadgets and electronic wizardry, you should take the time to utilize it to its fullest extent, and with ringtones available for almost all cell phones these days, this is just one more opportunity for you to customize your cell phone so that it is different from everybody else’s.

Allow your cell phone to project your unique personality and how you really feel by using ringtones. You can load as many ringtones onto your phone as its memory will allow, and many cell phones today allow you add an almost unlimited number of ringtones by storing them on a mini-SD memory card that fits into your phone. All of these mini-SD cards are available readily at stores like Best Buy or Circuit City, where for example a 2 GB mini-SD card is under $50 and can store about 400 different ringtones.

Your creativity is indeed your only limit when setting up a ringtone on your cell phone. You can specify a particular ringtone when your phone identifies a particular caller, based on their caller ID. As some examples of the fun you can have with this, you can set up your cell phone so that it plays “Takin’ Care Of Business” when your boss calls you. Every time your jolly and funny co-worker is calling you, your cell phone rings with the theme song from Looney Tunes. When your ex-husband or wife or ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is calling, your cell phone will identify the caller by playing “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” or Elton John’s chorus from “The Bitch Is Back”. When your son calls from college, your cell phone would identify that call by playing the song “Money”, since that’s typically why he’s calling, right?

Besides putting or setting up your personalized cell phone for your specific personality and identity, the added benefit is that you know who is calling just by the ringtone without even looking at your phone.

The number and type of variations that you can come up with are limited only by your imagination. If someone calls where the caller ID has been blocked, you can even setup a specific ringtone for that situation. You can also come up with distinct ringtones that play to indicate that you have received a text message or a voice mail.

You can also download voice clips or sounds to be used as a ringtone, which adds yet another dimension to your unique cell phone. For example, when your diving team buddy calls, your cell phone can plays the submarine alert for “Dive! Dive!” to indicate he is calling. When you have a voice message waiting, your cell phone can play the audio clip from the movie of the same name, saying “You Have Mail”.

The variations and possibilities are endless. Take some time to study on how to download ringtones onto your cell phone, and then take the time to setup different ringtones for anybody who calls you on a regular basis. You will be able to tell who is calling you without even lifting your cell phone to look at the screen, and this gives you and your cell phone a distinct personality.