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Funtonia – Is it Worth Your Cent?

Website Review
logo-funtonia Funtonia is mobile content service provider which offers a wide range of MP3 ringtones, polyphonic tones, wallpapers and the like. They promise to deliver more than half a million realtone downloads for its members. At one cent a tone, members will be getting their money’s worth. Membership fee is $23 for unlimited ringtone download.

They promise to provide the coolest and hippest tones straight to your mobile phones. They offer membership packages to suit your budget. There are a number of phones which are compatible with their format. Browsing through their content can be easy since they arrange everything by categories such as country, latin, gospel, rock; or by artist.

The site also offers more than 6000 wallpapers arranged in different categories. Downloading can be done directly from wap.funtonia.com using your phone.

Aside from mobile content download, the site also offers an affiliate program which lets you earn money by recruiting other people to join funtonia.

Feedback & Overview
Pros: -   Affiliates program

-   More than half a million ringtones available

Cons: -   Poor service

-   Site not working

-   No refunds

-   Only caters to US, Australia, Canada and UK


What I noticed about this site is that there is a lot of negative feedback from unsatisfied first time clients. They seem to be not getting what they pay for. That is a number one no-no in business. If you cannot deliver what you promised, then your business is starting to go down the hill.

I have also noticed that the website itself is not loading anymore. I was able to visit the site several times before but it has been a week and the website is still down. I was looking for an update or news that would say that there is currently a funtonia.com maintenance going on right now but there are no such updates.

What I think the company is trying to focus on is their affiliates program which in short means you earn if you get someone to sign up with them. I may be biased with this kind of program but I think if a company starts doing this they tend to forget their essential role as a company which is to provide quality mobile content and great customer service.

This company has been running for four years now and if this is the message that they are sending their clients then sooner or later their site would close. One client who had much frustration even gave it a zero star rating. The verdict: Not recommended as of now. We just hope that funtonia will get back on its feet some time soon.

Customer Reviews:

Unbiased Customer Feedback:

“ZERO STARS…I was charged for 3 months of “unlimited downloads” and i got ZILCH. After going back and forth with “customer service” instructing me how to use my phone (???) they actually asked me if i wanted a refund. I said yes. Four months later- NOTHING. They have not and wont reply to any emails i have sent asking about the status of the FAKE REFUND”


“I was brought to this site because they were suppose to have the ringtone I wanted.You can’t view there product until you sign up.Because they were suggested to me that they had what I wanted I joined lone and behold they didn’t have the ring tone.So I requested to get a refund they won’t give me one.I highly recommend not to ever joining this website it’s rip off.”

“A month ago on a lark I download a few ringtones thinking they were just around $2.50 each. When I got my receipt I found I had just purchased a membership to their company for $23.00. Immediately I contacted them and said I had misread their description and I had no intention of spending that much for a ringtone and I wanted my money refunded.”

“They blew me off.”


“I downloaded about 15 songs to my STORM Blackberry from Funtonia …no problem. I also sent some of my selected downloads to me son and daughters phone…no problem. The cloice if I remember correctly was $5.99 for 3 months of service ( approx. 24.00 or 1.99 charge for 12 months. I chose the twel …

“The only place I could find the new Radiohead album squeezed into fine working ringtones. This is the best website for ringtones ever! This site has just the ringtones that I need.”


Website Details
Company Info:

Funtonia is registered by Mobile Services Limited c/o Network Solutions P.O. Box 459
Drums, PA 18222 with contact number 570-708-8780. The company has been up and running since 2005.

Other Features:

Affiliate Program – Funtonia lets you earn money as well by placing banners and ads on your site and recruiting members to join funtonia. They let you earn $8-$12 per referral who subscribes to join their affiliate programs package.

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2 Responses to Funtonia – Is it Worth Your Cent?

  1. ian l says:

    i can’t believe this service actually worked for people, when there were so many other complaints. my guess is they are the same people are in the affiliate program mentioned above. how can funtonia use mobile carries trademarks, to push their non existed product, if the service does not work at all on some of these carriers? i also wonder if they are infringing on copyright laws of the music industry. of course these websites always originate on the other side of the globe. i was scammed, played email tag with “abigail” for a month, only to be told i would be hearing about my refund from their billing dept. which i never did. i went back to website, tried to download as many ring tones as i could to my pc, and after about half an hour, my account froze. no more downloads, no replys to why i can’t use my account. i couldn’t even log off the site. now i can log in but i can’t download anything and still have 11 months left on my year subscription. i can’t trust anyone nowadays with my credit card info, so i cancelled my card that was used in this transaction. WHAT A PAIN!!!

    this site is the only one i can find some sort of address/phone # for these shysters, whether it helps me in my quest for justice or not, we will see.

  2. Tony says:

    this place scammed me too. their site is very misleading, fooling people into thinking that 1 ringtone is all you are paying for, then, surprise, you have signed up for a year, and they take 23 dollars up front from your credit card. I tried getting a refund, till I was flat out ignored. I had gotten 3 responses from them at 1st, all 3 were by the same customer service rep, I forget her name, well after reading all the complaints online, she seems to be only rep funtonia has, all the complaints mention the same name. its a scam

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