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Tata Docomo’s My Song hits

The current mobile media landscape is seemingly a shaky one, with tech-savvy users generating and installing their own ringtones and thus impacting sales of the once-reigning commodity. Mobile media providers, however, have merely stepped up their game in being innovative, creative and resourceful, and have found new ways to cater to emerging consumer needs in a way that keeps the mobile media landscape a healthy and profitable one despite economic downturns and changing market trends. One way that seems to have gained considerable ground is by generating and/or providing mobile apps, and another is by establishing a service for providing the as-yet-non-sideloadable  ringback tone.

Ringback tones, or Caller Tunes, form the core of a value added service  that mobile operators and mobile media providers offer for a song or sound clip to play over the earpiece of a mobile phone to the ear of your caller, instead of a generic ringing sound effect. Various mobile media providers have taken to focusing on this as a commodity alongside – and now in some cases instead of – ringtones, which have become easy for users to create on their own and save to memory cards or directly to their phones, thus obviating the need for having to pay for them through conventional services.

All of us have heard of Caller Tunes or RingBack tones which is a Value Added Service offered by Mobile Operators to play a song of your choice when someone calls you. Now Tata Docomo has done something revolutionary yet again by launching My Song which is the first Reverse Ring-Back Tone Service in India.  This service is the exact opposite of Caller Tunes which means that you can choose to listen to any song when you call someone instead of the normal boring Tring-Tring sound or the caller tunes set by the other user.

Tata Docomo My Song

This new service is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid users of Tata Docomo in India

For subscribing to the My Song service, users have to dial 543217 and personalize songs.Songs are available under Bollywood Hits, Regionals, International, Classical and Funny Tunes.

Users can set a maximum of up to three different songs for calling different contacts.

Songs downloaded will be subscriber’s personal selection and will be played as a shuffle.

MySong Service Charges

* 2 paise per second for calling the MySong Number

* Subscription charges for the service will be Rs 15 per month.

* Charges for downloading a song – Rs 10 per song for both post-paid and pre-paid subscribers.

Announcing the launch of new service, Mr. NV Subbarao, TATA DOCOMO’s Regional Head – South East said: “With My Song, we have introduced yet another unique service which offers a refreshingly different telecom experience to Tata DOCOMO customers. When you make a call, you usually have to listen to someone’s caller tune which might not be your taste. We believe My Song service is an extremely relevant & innovative offering that is in line with our aim of being THE refreshingly different brand in the telecom clutter. We have been doing it & we will keep doing the new. This launch is a breakthrough that adds an entertainment value and relevance to the task of waiting for a call to be answered.”

I rarely used Caller Tunes on my mobile just for that fact that I don’t want to pay for a service which others might enjoy. Also I can’t set a funny bollywood song as my caller tune if my boss or parents were to call me. Now these Reverse Ring-back tones are interesting as the customer gets to listen to the song rather than the caller.

What do you think about this new concept ? Will it succeed ?

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