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How To Use Bing on Your iPhone

Have you encountered Bing lately?  Well, Bing is not a person’s name that you may look for or befriend. Bing is the latest wonder application from Microsoft, one of the world’s giant computer and Software Company.  This is the toughest competitor of Google and yahoo in the field of internet online search engine or portal. Good news for iphone users, Bing can be downloaded from bing.com.  You can find in this site the coolest and hippest new features for your iphone.

The unique and very efficient capability of Bing as a search engine makes it very popular and revolutionary.  Thousands of comments comparing the performance of Bing and Google emerged like mushrooms in the field of computer technology.  Apparently, Bing has a greater edge than Google in so many ways.

Bing as a search tool is very sensitive when it comes to the type of information that you want to look for in the internet.  The results from Bing are pretty more accurate, interesting, very timely, clear and obviously relevant to the searcher.  For instance, if you type in the search box of Bing the word school, the result would be a page containing major links to famous universities worldwide and the ability to give you essential details such as the school’s expertise, tuition rate, courses etc., of those famous schools in your area.

Bing gives a wide array of very valuable links not only about the topic you are looking from formal websites, but even informal information coming from famous social networks like facebook and twitter.  For example, if you type in the search box where do you want to eat tonight in India, Bing will connect you to various links from peoples’ responses, information and first hand experiences regarding your question via facebook and twitter.  For instance, you will be told by these people from facebook and twitter who are mostly your friends, to try going to this and that restaurant because they have this affordable and delicious or exotic dish.

In conclusion, Bing in short has a touch of being particular, specific and even personal approach in providing quick information to what you’re searching compared to Google’s very broad, general and indirect results to what you’re looking.

Here are by the way some helpful pictures and screenshots courtesy of Microsoft that will guide and help you go with the process of using Bing in your iPhone:

According to the Microsoft, Bing for iPhone mobile will graciously aid you in searching everything that you need from the most basic such as local shopping malls, restaurants, recreational facilities etc., to the most complicated road maps, driving directions, weather information and even aerial picture all optimized for your iPhone.

Find the exact Map to find your way

Get maps, turn by turn driving directions, traffic information and more, so you can get from place to place as easily as possible. New Bing maps features include improved “Locate Me” functionality improved, and the ability to add pushpins and save locations and show multiple locations one a single map.

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