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Despicable Me Baddest Ringtone for Your Phone

The ever so famous beats of Pharrell made Despicable Me on top of soundtrack ringtones for RingtoneSmash. It was rumored back in January that Pharrell will be making tunes for the movie and when it was released, the beats of the rapper made the ever so cool movie even cooler. The not so good character of Steve Carell teams up with Pharrell Williams to create this coolest soundtrack for an animated film. The movie has a cast of heavy weights like Russell Brand, Jason Segel, Kristin Wiig, Will Arnett, Danny McBride, Julie Andrews and Ken Jeong.

Universal was able to put a team of soundtrack artists able to produce the oddest and coolest tunes for this rare kid film. This is probably the most unique kid film of the year. Pharrell also produced “My Life” for Robin “Son of Alan” Thicke. Pharell is all over the film and even wrote “Minion Mambo” by the Minions, co-written with Lupe Fiasco. Also one soundtrack to take note is “The Unicorn Song” by Agnes. The soundtrack are not just for kids who love unicorns though, even the parents can dance to the beats of the Bee Gees classic “You Should Be Dancing” and “Boogie Forever” by the Sylvers.

The film was release in July 9th. The soundtrack was released in July 6. Here are the list of Despicable Me songs:

1. Despicable Me – Pharrell
2. Fun, Fun, Fun – Pharrell
3. I’m on a Roll – Destinee & Paris
4. Minion Mambo – The Minions
5. Boogie Fever – The Sylvers
6. My Life – Robin Thicke
7. Prettiest Girls – Pharrell
8. Rocket’s Theme – Pharrell
9. You Should be Dancing – The Bee Gees
10. The Unicorn Song – Agnes

A lot of people got to grab hold of the soundtrack when it was released. Here are some comments from people who have downloaded the songs from the movie soundtrack:

“Pharrell’s string/marimba/trombone theme for the song was also heavily incorporated into the score by Heitor Pereira. It’s a catchy and instantly identifiable theme, more than most films scores seem to do these days.”

“The Pharell OST for this movie seems awesome and good. I do really like the trailers and I am expecting for the Despicable Me movie. :)”

“Despicable me – pharrel it is…I love it…”Im having a bad bad day, if you take it personal, thats ok”

From http://theplaylist.blogspot.com/2010/06/despicable-me-soundtrack

The movie is an enjoyable and fun movie for both kids and adults. It might not be a first class CGI cartoon but this shows how Pixar is able to put a movie like this to the theaters even without using CGI. If you look at the film, it is a good Sunday afternoon film for the family. Animated films like Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon has set the bar for animated films this year which is ridiculously high, so it is hard to compare this film to the others that preceded it, but in terms of soundtrack this film certainly has the coolest soundtrack for kids films to date.

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    Haven’t seen movie yet

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    I like rap

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